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Joan Jett; My Idol


‘Do you wanna touch ( hey) do you wanna touch (yeah) do you wanna touch me there?”

I remember singing those music lyrics into a hairbrush while standing on a coffee table performing for my friend MaryAngela. Those are the lyrics from my rock n roll/ punk rock idol Joan Jett.

As I passed the billboards on the ten freeway heading to Palm Springs, Advertising Joan Jett and the Black Hearts would be in concert on New Years Eve, I had to finally check her out.

I don’t think I knew what the lyrics meant when I would sing ‘ do you wanna touch me there?’ I don’t think my Italian speaking mother knew or cared either. All I knew is that Joan Jett was super cool, and I wanted to be just like her!

I begged my mother to buy me a leather jacket and yes I got in trouble for wearing black burned eyeliner to school and chanting ‘ I love rock n roll.’

Since I’m a procrastinator, I decided to buy tickets at the box office on New Year’s Eve. Of course tickets were Sold out.

I asked around, but was getting a lot of rejection.

Until a dude with blonde long hair and a leather jacket who looked like he walked out of an eighties metal band,told me someone had just turned in a ticket.

I guess you can say he was my concert boyfriend for the evening since we ended sitting next to each other.


Although I didn’t ask him what his name was, he told me that at midnight he was turning fifty. He had left two teenage daughters at home with a sitter so he could come see Joan. And his kids were texting him they were having a hula hoop party in the living room.

Meanwhile Joan Jett opened with ” Cherry Bomb” originally from when she was in the teenage girl punk band ” The Runaways.”

Still amazing even at fifty seven, she rocked even better than she did in the eighties. Although a few gay males in back of me kept heckling her stating” keep going Joan you’re doing great fie your age!” And yes I turned around and stood up for my idol by saying ” I would watch what I was saying if I were you!” Followed by the stink eye.

Of course she played ” I live Rock and Roll,” which took me back to my hairbrush singing days on the coffee table.



My favorite set of the evening was ” Crimson and Clover,” and the New Years Eve countdown.


At the end of the concert, I wished my concert boyfriend a happy birthday, and then proceeded to break up with him!

Joan Jett and the Black Heart were a great end to 2015. Like a fine wine Joan Is rocking well.

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