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My #LA Story: Drama… It happens


Los Angeles is such an amazing city…. Drama lurks in all corners! Literally… And as I found out today… Opera-etically!

I headed down to Boyle Heights to do some investigative reporting for an article that I’m writing on: Haunted Hospitals. And the weather was gray, cloudy and stormy provided a perfect back drop! According to the many reality show ghost hunters, The Linda Vista Hospital ( which is now a retirement community) is known to be haunted!


I walked into the newly renovated building and immediately felt like someone was watching me, and no there were no cameras… At least I didn’t see any! But it did feel creepy, with long hallways that seemed to go nowhere.



The security guard told me that he had just started working there one day ago, but several of the new living tenants had stated they could smell a faint stench of burning flesh lingering in the air. The hospital was also used as a crematorium!


Due to very little “ghost” activity on the old hospital grounds, I decided to take a walk through Hollenbeck park which was right across the street.

The park is a beautiful green oasis of trees, water fountains, a lake, ducks, a woman selling chicharrones, skaters and an opera!




Yes…. I said an opera in the park! It’s actually a new production called “#Hopscotch,” a progressive opera that takes you to several different locations in #LosAngeles in 24 cars! Apparently, I caught the ending of the previews at Hollenbeck park… The final scene!


What I found to be strange about the whole situation was not the actual opera which seemed to be your typical romance with two star crossed lovers, not the girl with the red Asian parasol riding around in black roller skates, and not the ice cream guy banging on the side of his cart. The strange thing was these people!



Who are these people you may ask? “Serve The People Los Angeles” is a a so called task force against gentrification. Several members of the group approached the artists and threatened them! They stated that because they were white they did not belong in Hollenbeck park! What???

Is this group an undercover gang disguised as do gooders handing out groceries?? And I didn’t see a sign that stated only certain races could enter this park?

I took an opportunity to read the blog of this so called anti gentrification group who claimed ” all performers and people in attendance were WHITE!

The author’s claims are erroneous, since the audience members were made up of different ethnicities, and were not all white, and if they were the author himself is indeed being a racist and stereotyping against anything that is different from his or her own race!

I spoke to one of the co-producers, as well as several audience members about the show: they stated the show was an amazing production that took them through the streets of East Los Angeles with scenes containing a quinceniera, and mariachis. Not all actors in the production are WHITE like the blog claims.

I didn’t understand why these so called antigentrifiers were verbally attacking and threatening artists? And in a public park that is open for use to every tax paying citizen ?

A similar situation occurred to a friend of mine that runs a comedy show called “Gentrification” in Highland park. A group came to her show ( I’m not certain if it’s the same people) and bullied her about the name of the comedy show! Her show is made up of comedians from all different back grounds!

Going around bullying artists is NOT going to stop gentrification! And why are you being bullies! Talk and write letters to the corporations who are causing the problems! Write asking for a grant to start Affordable housing projects

…. But don’t be a bully! And not to artists who are helping to make our city a beautiful place for all colors to enjoy!

I guess you can say there is never a dull moment in Los Angeles! At least not in my world!

7 Responses to “My #LA Story: Drama… It happens”

  1. Josh

    Hey quick question: Just wondering which of the performance’s co-producers you spoke to? Did you get their name?


    Unfortunately, these antigentrifiers are in fear of white people taking over Boyle Heights. How I know this? well, I’ve lived here in Boyle Heights all my life. I listen to people here and they notice white people being around the area.

    I don’t know why these antigentrifiers are bullying artist of white people. They should just leave them alone. Just ignore them if I we’re you.

    Gentrification here has been in talks for a long time now. The community here wants to stop it from happening I guess. It’s a long story.

    As for the Linda Vista Hospital? They made a big mistake turning it into a retirement home for the elderly folks.

    My girlfriend and I – we’re shocked at why they would do this. They should’ve left it alone for haunted house and tours.

    • notoriouslysinglegirl

      Thanks for commenting…. But not all of the artists in the opera company were “white!” And personally ….. There is a reverse type of racisim that is starting to emerge…. Basically in the words of Rodney King: Can’t we all just get along!

      As for the Linda Vista….. It’s serving a greater purpose than being a rundown eyesore!


        Yes. Racism here in Boyle Heights has been getting crazy.

        Is this the first time you experience those anti-gentifiers?

        Linda Vista may serve its purpose.
        I guess people will just have to wait and see what happens if people start to see or experience a paranormal.

        That’s just my opinion.

      • notoriouslysinglegirl

        Yes… it was the first time that I experienced the anti gentrifiers, but a friend of mine has a comedy show and they harassed her! Mind you, my friend is handicapped and in a wheel chair! Very cruel people who need to be stopped! Thanks for reading!

    • notoriouslysinglegirl

      It’s actually a very nice assisted living facility, although it looks pricey…. thanks for reading…. and basically there is no color we are all people….


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