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Vampira: Dark Goddess Of Horror


Vampira: Dark Goddess of horror…. Who was she you may ask? Only one of the most iconic women of movie macabre!

The life of Maila Nurmi aka Vampira is chronicled in W.Scott Pool’s biographical novel of a 1950’s housewife turned into campy horror host!

I loved the book and how Vampira turned herself into a brand that so many iconic woman like Elvira, Madonna, and Lady GaGa took a bite from. She worked countless hours to create her original look including putting meat tenderizer on her abdomen while wrapping it in plastic wrap while she slept in order to get her waistline so tiny.

Vampira’s life was enraptured in drama: she dated James Dean and was nicknamed the black Madonna since many people speculated she put a curse on him causing him his dearly accident…..

A great read … Especially for #Halloween season! And of you are trying to brand yourself!

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