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Cooling down w/ Iced Coffee @BlueBottle


It’s A sizzling hot Sunday afternoon in the city of Angels. And there is nothing like a great iced coffee to cool you down!

I happen to be driving through Sunset Junction in SilverLake/ EchoPark when I came across the new Blue Bottle coffee shop! Another hip and trendy coffee place.

I ordered the cold brew iced coffee and I added a splash of 1/2 and 1/2, no sugar.

I’m not a big fan of cold brews since the acidity content seems to be high… But I’ll give this one an ok! And we’ll see how my stomach deals with it later!

I love drinking coffee in porcelain mugs or real glass… So much better than plastic and cardboard. You can always taste the difference!

The coffee shop is beautiful with white high ceilings pale wood, brick and white interiors. Great place to come and write that screen play that wants to be written!



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