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Co-Ed Bathrooms: Friend Or Foe?

I was attending a mixer at the Pig And Whistle in Hollywood when nature was calling me! Quickly, I guzzled my jack and coke and set off on a journey to find the restrooms. Not only did I pass by the Co-Ed bathroom sign once, twice, and after the third time of not finding a female only boudair, I decided to go in!


As I entered the restroom, I found a guy happily urinating at a urinal and a girl putting on her lipgloss at the mirror!

The guy said: um sorry!

As I quickly passed him up and darted for the bathrooms one and only private stall!

The girl quipped: I know! It’s gross!

Unfortunately, she probably made the poor urinating guy feel incredibly awkward! After all, he was only trying to pee!

This was weird! Nothing fazes me… After all I’m a Nurse Practitioner and I’ve seen many male organs!

But are Co-Ed Bathrooms a trend?

I mean, yes I’ve been to Co-Ed Bathrooms at gay bars, and usually I just go in and get out quickly! But at a straight bar? I’m not sure I want to walk in on a poor strange guy urinating in a urinal while I do my business!

However, it may be a new way to meet someone! An alternative to the Internet! Co-Ed bathroom dating! At your wedding you can say: ” we met while peeing together !”


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