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Wearing Pink @PUMP in West Hollywood!


I love the color pink but I don’t wear it too often, although I found it fitting for dinner @ PUMP in West Hollywood!


A beautiful restaurant nestled on the corner of Santa Monica Blvd and Robertson in WEHO. Pink roses in glass orbs hang from the sculpted olive trees high above the outdoor dining area.


White candles adorn the restaurant along with crystal chandeliers! A relaxing place for the senses.


The ” Pumpopolitan” was delish! And of course I was surprised to see my great friend and acupuncturist walk through the entrance which caused a bit of a secret scandal at our table!


Well, I guess you can’t have dinner at a housewives of Beverly Hills restaurant with out experiencing a bit of drama accompanied bye some excellent chicken cutlets!


Oops I was so hungry I started eating before I took a pictures! I highly recommend them!



The “Bye FeLyche” martini proved to be a great ending! Oh Waite… Lisa Vanderpump did grace us with her presence with! Of course her husband and “Giggy” also made an appearance!


Sorry the picture is blurred, I failed paparazzi school! Such a great finale to our dinner indeed! A must try if you are in WEHO! But do make reservations!

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