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I’m tying the KNOT! Not really but what was I doing at a “Bridal Fair?”


It’s finally happening for the second time in my lifetime!!! Calm down people there is no ring ! Or no dude! April Fools! But what was I doing at a bridal fair?


Trust me, I was as confused as you are when my bestie called a few weeks ago and invited me to attend! We had dated in high school but after being friends for over twenty years my answer was still no! Why mess something up that’s perfect! I mean we argue like an old married couple, and that’s all we need!


But since the bridal fair was in Burbank, my back yard I joined him!


I entered a “BLING” paradise! The convention area of the Burbank Marriott was covered with all things sparkly along with the most beautiful ornate floral arrangements! Literally this place would make brides everywhere swoon, and single girls like me vomit!


Buttercream laddered sky high cakes along with mile long tables filled with mini sandwiches crowded the room! As a foodie I was excited, until I was asked: ” Are you a bride?”

Frozen by the question, I didn’t know what to say! Flashbacks from my once upon a time as a bridezilla came back to haunt me so I said : “sure, and this is my groom! ” Pointing to my beastie who was shoving raspberry mouse into his face and the only male there !


We looked at each other and laughed! Which then made the food people give us dirty looks!


I missed the fashion show due to spending too much time looking for parking! Several of the models paraded around in their revealing bridal wear! I felt like I was in an episode of “mob wives!”





None the less, it was an interesting adventure and something out of the ordinary!



Just the thought of planning a wedding makes me want to stay #notoriouslysingle forever!


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