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Taking It Back Old School: Eighty Two


Old School video games, pin ball and booze,a DJ spinning a set all live in one place: Eighty Two in Down Town Los Angeles off of fourth Street in the Arts District. A fun and eclectic place that took me back to the Atari era where Ms PacMan ruled the eighties video game world as queen, centipede was not just an insect, and space invaders was the best game ever!

Ah yes the eighties when video games were simple yet rather enjoyable!

Eighty Two does a great job woth wall to wall video games of yester year: Mario cart, that Nintendo duck game and oh so many others that I remember spending hours playing with my younger brother.





Unfortunately, back in the day I was never good at playing video games, I never won. And the same seems to be true today due to playing several rounds of doubles with my friend and loosing severely. On the positive side, Eighty Two has a large selection of pinball machines which proved to be much fun and a bit more successful!




After working up an appetite we ventured to the outdoor patio area and had some amazing wings from CJ’s Wings. Sweet, Tangy and of course finger lickin good! A must try!



If you find yourself in the Arts District and missing Atari along with Ms PacMan drop in to Eighty Two! It’s sure to take you back in time!

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