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No More Wire Hangers!!!

Love this article! And I hate wire hangers!! Check out this great piece from #Scriptforstyle and book appointment!

Script For Style

Question:   I have so many clothes in my closet that I am overwhelmed!  I don’t even know what I own!  Help!!!sf fan wine#ScriptForStyle : This is my client, Laju.  She is a high powered litigation attorney in Los Angeles.   Apparently, she is also a football fan.  She needs great looks for work as well as for social events.  She has hired me to be her personal stylist.  First, we need to see what she actually owns.  One of the most important services a personal stylist can provide is a proper closet cleanse!  You won’t know what you need unless you know what you have!

After a free initial styling consultation , I went to work!  I went through every clothing item Laju owned and designated them to a specfic category. ‘Keep, Alter, Consign or Donate (to Good Will or Dress for Success)’.

With the closet cleanse, I was…

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