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What would Cinderella do if she got a divorce?

It’s 2014! Time to clean out those closets! Out with the old and in with the new. It’s always an interesting adventure. I try to follow the advice of those TV fashion experts that I use to watch on cable once upon a time. If you haven’t worn it in over a year get rid of it!

Several items in my closet fit the list which included: thermal shirts with my old job logo’s on them, a never worn fuggly blouse gifted to me last X-mas by my neighbor, and a pair of shoes.

The shoes have been living in my closet for the past 13 years or so, only worn once on my wedding day. Satin white open toe sling back Vera Wangs. I haven’t been able to part with them. They just linger up their on the shelf in my closet crowded by Charles and David’s, Banana Republic, and PRADA.


This led me to ponder a question: What would Cinderella do if she got a divorce? Would she sell her glass slippers?

Well, it’s been difficult and I’ve tried to keep them! They are beautiful and bought in Vera’s hay day back in 1999 before she sold herself to Kohl’s. They were mine for a small $250.00 fortune.

I’ve thought about dying them black and keeping them as an evening shoe. But, the ugly memories still remain as I look down at my feet. And it’s been 14 years since that day happened, so a few weeks ago I decided to sell them on ebay.

The shoes are a bit worn, and not so much white. But after 45 looks, some one bought them on auction for ninety-nine cents. Unfortunately that person lived in China and the shipping cost alone was a small fortune!

I then took to the streets of Los Feliz and tried to peddle my shoes at a few vintage shops with no success. My next avenue was the vintage bridal scene. One girl sent me a curt email: I don’t buy shoes, while another lady (who sells amazing vintage couture) frowned at my shoes and said no bride would want them!

Heart broken with no sale, and no one wanting my Vera’s I agreed with her. Why would a bride want shoes from a broken marriage that had no chance at survival?

At least I tried selling them before agreeing with the consults of so many of my friends and also my mother: just donate them, and donate them I did to: ”Out of The Closet” at least I will get a nice tax deduction, and a size 8 drag queen will probably buy my Vera’s!

Since Cinderella is such a big celebrity, I’m sure her shoes would bring in more than ninety-nine cents. She would probably have millions of eager bride’s to be bidding for her glass slippers. But if she did get divorced, that would mean “happily ever after” never happened!

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