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Spring Cleaning: Not Just For Your closets!


Spring is here! Birds are chirping, flowers are blooming, and the sun is hanging out for a bit longer each day. It’s also time to do that annual spring-cleaning around your life. Especially if you are experiencing drama, or are experiencing blocks. Clean out those closets, get rid of items you haven’t worn in more than a year and make space. That seems to be the rule that some make over reality shows boast.

What other areas of your life may need spring-cleaning? What does your car look like? A copy of your closet? Do you have used water bottles, pizza boxes, or old clothes hanging around your backseat and your trunk?

I once met a work acquaintance for a walk at the Pasadena Rose bowl. I had just gotten my car washed, and when I pulled up next to her car, I noticed it was littered with bird droppings, and her backseat was loaded with empty water bottles, and unidentifiable objects. As I exited my car, she automatically projected to me her feelings: “I don’t care what my car looks like!” After I said “Hello,” I told her that was ok. It’s interesting but, this person is always negative, and her life is full of drama, just like her car!

Basically, your closets, car, and even your home can be a direct reflection of what your inner life looks like.

Clutter all over your space means your life is cluttered. My mom, an OCD neat freak for as long as I’ve known her always taunts this as a daily mantra. I remember driving her old 1988 Aries K nick named “The Bucket” by all my friends, and she was constantly yelling at me if I even left a Kleenex in the car!

To this day, I try to keep my closets, home, and car as organized as possible along with my life. When my home, closets, or car are a mess, my life seems out of balance. As I notice drama start to occur the first thing I do is assess my environment, and yes start to organize in order to restore a sense of balance.

But what about other areas of our lives that contain clutter? Is your phone full of people you no longer speak to, or people who are energy vampires constantly sucking the living daylights out of you? People who are takers and not givers? Those people who call you for favors and advice when they need it? People who lie to you and are not honest? Erase them!

Do you still have ex-boyfriends, lovers, or one- night stands on your facebook, twitter, iphone, email or instant messenger? Those guys who only text every once and while to keep you hooked while they fish the open waters for better prey? Are you holding on to emails from ex-boyfriends or lovers?

What are they doing there? If it didn’t work out the first time what makes you think that there is a possibility for a second, third or even fourth time around? People really don’t change but we do have the power to change ourselves! They are just occupying space in your electronic life. Space that can be occupied by a more positive person who can benefit our lives in a more harmonious positive way.

There are billions upon billions of people on this planet, and I never understood why and how people get so attached to the negative. Yes, I have been there myself, and I have been afraid to let go of certain people or articles of clothing that are torn and tattered. At times I’ve had to think long and hard about getting rid of things as well as people. And when I take the time to create space in my life, and maybe disconnect and focus on me, amazing things happen. Sometimes those negative people feel the disconnect and automatically will call or contact me, but most times new and interesting people will appear. Perhaps the problem with the negative people is that you have been giving them too much attention and taking away from yourself?

Cleaning can be overwhelming. So, what I personally do is attack one closet a day, and get rid of what no longer serves me. I place the items on, EBAY, donate to the Good Will, or have a yard sale. The feeling of getting rid of items that no longer serve me is amazing.

When I am complete with my spring cleaning, magic happens. For example, this week, I received an email with the words “Halleluiah” in the header, proclaiming long awaited good news, and a text bringing me more opportunities!

Spring always is a sign of a new beginning and a fresh start. So go ahead and start cleaning and watch the magic in your life unfold!

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