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To Bang Or Not To Bang: That Is the Question for your Coiffeurist!

We’ve all seen it. Hipsters were sporting them long before Michelle Obama decided to make the look go retro chic. And Kim Kardashian faked it before she committed!images

It’s the Big Bang debate: To Bang or not to Bang? That is the question!

Do we go all Cindy Brady on ourselves and give in to the latest fashion hair craze or do we just let our foreheads shine?


I decided to discuss the issue with my hairdresser, Matthew Holman, who I like to call “Star Maker,” my special pet name for him. Before I knew Mathew, I was a nobody, and now I’m a somebody with a blog! That’s the kind of power he posses. After all, he has won an Emmy for doing hair on ‘Days of Our Lives,’ and graces his magic on ‘Biggest Looser’ and ‘The Voice’ to name just a few.

“I love a side bang,” he stated as he meticulously trimmed my bang. “That way if you are commitment phobic, you can change the look.” A side bang is what I currently sport, and yes versatile since I love change, and no I don’t want to talk about my commitment issues!

In my opinion hair is important, especially if you are a single woman! Mathew agrees: “Guys love bouncy hair where they can run their fingers through, and not get caught on extensions!” Wow, that’s Hot! And well spoken by a true soap opera hair stylist, who has coiffed many sex scenes in his time! By far an expert!

Mathew Holman "Star Maker" MathewRay Salon, Burbank and Me!

Mathew Holman “Star Maker” and I @ MathewRay Salon, Burbank, Ca.

So get rid of the Brittany Spears extensions that are oh so 2005! And decide if you are ready for such a big commitment and go with the bang! For now, I’ll stick with the side bang, and only commit if I find true love and can’t resist the look!

4 Responses to “To Bang Or Not To Bang: That Is the Question for your Coiffeurist!”

  1. Maria

    Humm interesting! However I thought bangs were so 2008 when Anne Hathaway rocked them in Devil WEars Prada! Love that movie by way channel boots rocked and I soo couldn’t afford them but thanks to Nine west I bought look Alikes!! Anyways I use to have bangs until I felt like teenager because my forehead broke out! So humm I don’t know about bangs in 2013!!

    • notoriouslysinglegirl

      Very funny… yes Devil wears Prada.. great flick… but I really think Michelle Obama set the craze on fire in 2013!Love your comments Maria!! I’ll have to have you write for me someday… maybe you can be the notoriouslysingle MOM!


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