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The Perfect Party Dress

The Perfect Party Dress for my MTV style Super Sweet 16 / 40th Birthday

The Perfect Party Dress for my MTV style Super Sweet 16 / 40th Birthday

The Perfect Party Dress

Only 1 week before my 40th birthday, and still no dress to be found! I was in sheer panic mode. Everything so far had been easy to arrange: The venue, guests, food, cupcakes, hair, makeup, moustaches (it was a moustache themed party) and the limo were all confirmed. My dream of having my own Sweet 16 MTV style 40th birthday was turning into a reality! But the most important part of the party, the dress, was still nowhere to be found.

I had searched high and low through several different department stores: Nordi’s, Bloomies, and Macy’s, only to find disheveled racks and overpriced returned items. Fortunately, I have a talented mother who is a seamstress. A quick phone call confirmed that she had a black piece of sequins fabric, and a dress could be designed and manufactured in a matter of days.

Now, my mother is a very talented woman, and has worked at places like Dolce Gabanna, Nordi’s and even has her own business specializing in wedding attire. She has made me several  “V” knock offs in the past: Versace, Vera Wang, and Valentino that were amazing. But for some reason this black sequins dress did not look right. I let my mother have creative freedom which is not easy for me to do, and suddenly I was looking like I was turning 60 and not 40!

I had envisioned my dress to be fun and flirty as is my personality. With the black sequins dress I felt like I was ready to hit the “Leisure World Gala” and not my 40th birthday! With only 3 days left, I didn’t know where to turn, and I felt like I had exhausted all my department store options.

Luckily I remembered there were a few boutique stores in Eagle Rock that carried unique dresses. But could I be so lucky as to find the ultimate Sweet 16 party dress, for my 40th birthday? I stopped by ‘Letter’s from LA’ on Eagle Rock Blvd. to take a look around. As I peroused the store, I started to feel a bit frustrated. Sasha the owner asked me if I needed help. Automatically I answered “No, just looking!”



How could I be so stupid as to think a small little boutique store could have my ultimate party dress. My intuition was telling me otherwise. Before I walked out of the store, I decided to tell Sasha what I was looking for. She immediately went into her back room, and appeared with a beautiful sequinc rose and gold dress! It was perfect, and fit like a charm with a pair of spanks! Not only was it beautiful, it was on sale for $50.00!

Sascha was my fairy godmother in this Cinderella moment! My dream MTV Super Sweet 16 style dress for my 40th  came true, and it was a smash hit! I was the bell of the ball with never ending compliments from all of my guests!

Next time you find yourself shopping and Nordi’s or any other big name department store and are having a dramatic fashion emergency, stop yourself and try a boutique. There are many in our beautiful City of Angels. Some hot spots include: Eagle Rock, Echo Park, Silver Lake, Ventura Blvd, and certain streets in Down Town Los Angles. The ultimate dress could be hiding in one of these boutiques with your name on it and on SALE!

7 Responses to “The Perfect Party Dress”

  1. Denise Weiss

    Where are the pictures!!! Are they here and I missed them? I hate it when that happens. LOL! Happy you had a great 40th.

  2. Denise Weiss

    Okay, went back to the top and saw the picture. Told you! the dress is amazing you look fabulous. Where are the mustaches?

    • notoriouslysinglegirl

      I have pic’s of the ‘moustaches on my Facebook…. Ill be writing another post using some of those pics.. Stay tuned… Thanks for reading and all the compliments… I love my litho !!!

      • Denise Weiss

        So happy you are enjoying your litho. I have Marilyn in my bathroom and a huge Jean Harlow on a bearskin rug in a guest room. What you have on your walls really does make a difference! Going to your FaceBook page now…excited!

  3. Lisa Hall

    I love when a plan comes together! Great article -it made me want to hit the boutiques for a hot little frock for me.


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