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Do you have bad MOJO lurking in your Boudair?

The Bad Mojo The Bad Mojo

Morning after morning I would wake up in a semiconscious state and stare at it. It didn’t make me happy, nor did it make me sad, but for some reason it bothered me. The “It” was a beautiful knock off painting of cupid and psyche originally painted by Bougueneau, which so gracefully hung above my bureau.

I questioned myself: ”Why does something so beautiful bother me so much?” The answer hit me like a bolt of lightening from the sky. The painting was a gift from my mother. It wasn’t just any random gift, but one given to me for my bridal shower. I had picked it out 13 years ago from the Museum Company at the Glendale Galleria. They sold knock off museum type items back then.

The painting was a subconscious reminder of what could have been. My fantasy marriage that lacked a ‘happily ever after’ ending. None the less, I just kept rationalizing with myself: It’s just a painting, It’s beautiful, It was expensive. So, I left the painting hanging in my Notoriously Single Girl boudoir, lazily staring at it morning after morning creating a negative imprint in my brain.

One evening I decided to join a meet up group. It was a wine tasting taking place at the Crescent Hotel in Beverly Hills with a Greta Garbo theme. At the event I roamed around  with a glass of pinot and my new leopard print Garbo hat. I gazed upon many dazzling black and white lithographs displayed from the ‘Andrew Weiss Gallery’ in Los Angeles. I was also checking out the many hot guys at the event. But no one was approaching me.

Across the room I spotted him, he was gorgeous! Tall dark and handsome with a sly smile and those debonair eyes! I had to make him mine! I must have passed him at least 3 times before I got up the courage, and signed my name on the auction list. You see this gorgeous man was a lithograph of Clark Gable embracing Joan Crawford in the 1940’s film ‘Strange Cargo.’

At the end of the evening, Lily Yu, one of the art curators for the Andrew Weiss gallery announced that the litho was mine. Eagerly, I took the litho home and immediately hung it up in my boudoir where cupid and psyche use to hang. Suddenly it seemed like the energy in the room had shifted some how. My boudoir had this sexy mystical vibe about it! And when I woke up the next morning to see Clark and Joan embracing, I smiled and stared at the litho with a sense of happiness.

The Good Mojo The Good Mojo

In the weeks to come not only did the energy in my room shift, it seemed like the energy all around me had changed. Men were approaching me, something that I didn’t notice for quite some time. It was happening all over the place: I met a guy in Vail who cooked me breakfast, tied my boots, and even held my purse. On the flight back to LA, a handsome stranger was cuddling next to me and asked me for my number. At the grocery store, an old friend asked if he could carry my groceries to the car. At brunch after playing tennis one day, I got asked out on a Tennis date by another tall drink of water.

Much like Austin Powers, I had gotten back my ‘MOJO’! And yes I have been ecstatic ever since! Did Clark and Joan bring some kind of magic to my boudoir creating a cosmic shift of energy? If you are a magical thinker like myself, this is a great explanation!

But psychology tells us otherwise! You see, when you constantly look at a negative object time and time again, it forms an imprint onto our subconscious, the part of our brain that is the storehouse for knowledge and past experiences. Waking up in the morning and gazing upon the painting of Cupid and Psyche made all the bad memories about my past marriage surface in my subconscious mind. My conscious mind established this as a negative connection in the relationship department. Hence where my bad MOJO was coming from. No, I did not think of my ex husband everyday, but the painting was a constant reminder of unhappiness. And was manifesting in my life as bad MOJO in the relationship department.

Change the MOJO in your boudoir and watch your life change for the better. It is very simple to do. If you have something lying around your boudoir or your living environment that bothers you or just makes you unhappy, get rid of it. If you notice a change, then the item was bad MOJO!

3 Responses to “Do you have bad MOJO lurking in your Boudair?”

  1. Troy DeVolld

    I wake up to a gorgeous Hurrell portrait of Veronica Lake (also from Andrew Weiss Gallery) every morning. It certainly does make for a pleasant start to the day.


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