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I Need A Hero… #themonthoflove

The true hero is one who conquers his own anger and hatred.

Bonnie Tyler sang it best when she bolted out “ Where have all the good men gone? And where are all the gods? Where’s the streetwise Hercules to fight the rising odds?”

Perhaps it’s life that has destroyed the hero.

Perhaps it was his mother?

Perhaps it was his father?

Maybe it was his wife or the side chick lover?

Anyway… it seems hard to find one lately.

A HERO that’s is.

One who knows who he is.

One who isn’t afraid to just say fuck it and quit his job when he’s buried in spreadsheets. When he’s not the type of guy to live in a spreadsheet.

One who knows what his true hearts desire is.

Do you remember the movie Jerry McGuire… it’s famous for the line “you complete me!”

It’s also famous for the “ The things we think and do not say” manifesto that Jerry aka Tom Cruise gave to his workplace before he got fired and started his own “Hero’s Journey.”

But … the manifesto also reveals why modern day hero’s are hard to find.

A life is not worth living if you are sleep walking through it. Because that is what feels like death. That is what causes athletes to drive drunk and wrap their cars around a pole. Or lash out at someone they love. It is the feeling of sleep walking. The feeling of others living their lives around you. Keeping their fists tightly wound around any dollars they can muster, caring little more than nothing about those around you.

Cameron Crowe Writer/ Director Jerry McGuire

How do you find a hero when he’s probably sleeping walking through life?

Dead end job. Loveless marriage. Addicted to porn.

Has society destroyed the HERO?

Is this a messed up backwards sleeping beauty story? Do you just swoop in and give the hero a kiss… and then poof just like that he wakes up?

With make believe constructs that not even the toughest knight could cut through with his sword and conquer?

Or you’re ready to leave cuz your done with this tinder date.

This guys heart is closed. There’s not much of a connection. He’s drinking way too much. And as you start to leave the bar, he grabs your hand as if he knows you’re his life raft.

Like you’re the ONE who can save his soul that’s dying in Dante’s Inferno. That soul stuck in “purgatorio.” You are his true “Beatrice.”

Beatrice, Dante’s Divine Comedy

He swoops you off your feet. He dips you down. He pulls your face close to his and he gives you a slobbery kiss. You can taste his cheap stale cigarettes and the beer mixed with rye whiskey in his saliva.

He takes your breath away. He helps you stand up. You smile and say out loud “ You’re a smoker?” In a sarcastic tone. Until you come to your senses and look into his eyes. There’s a hidden message there. A sort of code you can’t figure out but it down loads into your brain.

You bid him a quick farewell. You walk across the street to your place. You’re thinking about him. Then, somehow parts of that code are starting to form messages in your subconscious. You get the downloads.

But you know he’s bad for you. You know he’s a hot mess.

He’s the fallen hero.

That guy that’s lost his way. He blames it on the outside world. He blames it on his wife. His wife he told you he was separated from. He blames his boss or that guy that owns the wine bar down the street. He points fingers to everyone except himself.

He’s waking up. It’s a rude awakening. Kinda how a baby wakes up after a somber nap. Not too happy!!

But, the sleep walking was created by his alter ego. How do you fix that?

How do you get him to be a true hero again? You get him to confront his anger. To conquer those demons he’s got tattooed on his arms but he refuses to look at and deal with.

But what happens when the hero doesn’t know his name. If he’s an amnesiac? Or what if the hero doesn’t even know he’s a HERO? Or that he’s ever been a HERo in someone’s eyes?

How can he rise up to the call to adventure? How can he exit the inferno and enter into paradiso?

It takes great strength to do so and a strong will to live the life fulfilled instead of just sleepwalking through it!

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