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Why Women Need To Stop Getting Dating Advice From Men…or Anyone!!!

I’ve slept with over 500 women

-Some Dude on TikTok telling half truths

I was recently watching this dude on TikTok say he slept with over 500 women. As I watched him I’m wondering to myself various things cuz that’s just how my brain works!

-How many STI’s he’s gotten… or does he even know what those are?

-How he kept track of the number of women? Like does his bedpost have hash marks ? Who am I kidding, I’m sure he has no bedpost but just a mattress being held up on some cinder blocks. Maybe he developed an app to keep track of these women. Hell… I would… hmm that’s actually not a bad idea…

– How did he know they were really all women?

Yes, it’s true I’ve been in the dating game for a really long time. And yes, I’ve watched many men give out dating advice to many women on YouTube.

What I’ve learned…. THEY are all FOS ( full of shit) they are basically good at mindfucking vulnerable women into thinking there’s some big bad boogie man out there… that all men are assholes and treat women like garbage. The message : WOMEN are doing something wrong and keep attracting these POS’s ( pieces of shit).

Don’t get me wrong there are plenty of messed up people in the world who don’t get therapy… lots of MEN don’t get therapy…but women can’t get enough of therapy…

Newsflash… there are plenty of dysfunctional women who are POS’s… not all men are bad guys… they might just be going through a bad patch in their life and don’t know what to do with themselves!

It’s a known fact that women are the main consumers of “self help” stuff. Women are always trying to make themselves better. I should know, I’ve invested enough money at Dry Bar because I love it when my hair looks amazing!! I’ll get that pedi mani in exchange for writing a blog on Fiver if I’m in between gigs. And yes… my bookshelves were once littered with self help books!

According to an article in

Yeah, these sleazy dating salesman guys know this so they just keep pontificating.

Getting back to Mr. 500. I think his main point was to warn women not to sleep with guys like him. He did mention that he was in a relationship for a long time and was very broken. He had a wall around his heart.. that’s what he said. So, he decided to just sleep with women. 500 of them. He said women just ended up at his doorstep and he led them to the bedroom.

Yes, I’ve heard these stories from females too. Newsflash: many of these women probably just wanted what Mr. 500 wanted. To have SEX!

Newsflash: Having sex is normal!!!

I love having dating and sex convos with my male cousins. I learn so much !! And mind you … I let them speak in a safe nonjudgmental space.

When my now 28 year old cousin ( I’ll call him Mikey) moved to New York to live out his “FRIENDS” TV show fantasy… he dated ALOT of women. He’d spent from the age of 18-26 dating one woman in France.

Of course he immediately got a new girlfriend after the break up with that one woman. I told him to breakup with this new chick. One summer while he was visiting me, this chick kept blowing up Mikey’s phone every 5 minutes. “ she’s just going through a bad time.” He would say. Again, I told him to break up with her. He refused. She became clingy. She trolled his IG site and questioned him if he was following certain women. One day she ended up in New York on his doorstep. He helped her get situated and took her shopping to IKEA to buy furniture for her new pad. She kept pestering him about his IG and she wanted a “serious” relationship. He told her he just wanted to be single. She slapped him across his face in public ( she was French).

Mikey finally took my advice and made a list of the types of women he wanted to date and sleep with.

I’d told him to always be a gentleman and to let the female know what the objective of the dates were.

I also told him to get regular STI tests.

He assured me he would… after all he was born in France.

I loved hearing his stories. Sometimes after sex, women would kick him out of their upper Manhattan apartment because they had to go to work in the morning. Sometimes he’d see the woman he slept with the night before at a bar the next day while he was on a date with another woman. And yes, sometimes he did get stood up!

He dated doctors, nurses, lawyers, artists and I believe he even dated a mortician once. After every date, he told me he learned something new about himself!

His stories were very similar to mine. And in many cases unlike what Mr. 500 was talking about, Mikey told me most of the women also only wanted SEX.

I’m happy to say that Mikey has now found a female that he’s monogamously dating. She’s super cute. And doesn’t slap him, at least not in public.

Mr. 500’s point was that men can be douche bags. Yeah, it’s true. Women can be douche bags as well! But it’s up to the women or men in the single dating world to trust their intuition, know the objective of the date, and make decisions wisely. If someone is telling you they don’t want a relationship and it’s only about sex…believe them.

It’s really that simple. Most people want to be in a committed relationship. You really don’t need to be reading endless books to get it. You just have to have common sense and don’t be afraid to ask for what you want. If it’s not what you want… turn the page until you find it!

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