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Breakfast Burritos, Corner Cottage, Burbank #100DaysOfSummer

If you live in the Burbank media hub, then you know about “Corner Cottage” famous for their breakfeast burritos. It’s on the “corner” of Victory Blvd. 

I first learned about ‘Corner Cottage’ almost 10 years ago when a coworker asked if I wanted a breakfeat burritto. After I said yes, he asked me for $5.00.

That was the price of the breakfeast burrito back then. Today, it’s about $6.46 with tax. 

They only accept cash. Breakfeast Burritos are served till 11am. And if you’ve ever watched that Seinfeld episode with the soup Nazi, it’s very similar here. Put in your order. Be specific with your salsa order: on the side or in the burrito. Pay CASH. Wait in line! Don’t ask question. Especially if you want a burrito after 11am. Nope! Strict rules. No burritos after 11am. 11:01 am no burrito for you! 

I waited 40 minutes. Probably the longest I’ve ever waited. Well, it’s Friday. There were a ton of high school kids on summer break hanging out too. 

I ordered the bacon breakfeast burrito with salsa on the side. I asked for extra salsa and I got a dirty look. 

The salsa is super spicey! There’s a ton of potatoe, egg, and bacon. Pretty basic but a delicious classic! 


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