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#Notoriouslysinglegirl does #Denver 

Rocky Mountain High Colorado 
John Denver

My travels have once again lead me to the Rocky Mountains of Colorado… no not for skiing but a conference in Denver.

My professional org. Had a conference in this beautiful citylast week. This is my second time here in  Denver. The first was just a quick stop over in 2012 for a snowboarding trip to Vail. And I was glad to ride the rail to the downtown area.

The rail took me to Union Station. My first food stop was “Zoe Ma Ma,” an Asian street food joint that makes their own noodles and dumplings in house. I had the wonton soup full of veggies and a veggie dumpling! Fresh, savory, and healthy! 

I then took a lyft to my hotel in downtown Denver. Seems like all my lyft drivers drove dusty Subaru wagons. 

Loved my room! Thanks Denver Grand Hyatt.

Had to finish my homework in the lobby bar where an old dude called me “old” for wearing a Ramones tshirt. FYI I just bought it at Free People the day before! 

Loved hanging out with my grad school gal pals and eating oysters for 3 days straight at Stout Street Social. Delicious oysters and the best bartenders. 

Since I was in Denver I also produced my storytelling show: Nurses and Hypochondriacs at Denver Bicycle Cafe.

Checked out the venue a few days earlier and had a Denver quiche with a house cup of Joe.

I loved this place. Cafe, bike shop and bar all in one spot. 

A great venue for the show!

And my Denver based storytellers rocked and literally made people hurl  with their stories!

Jett Black told us about the time he was a teenager, ran away from home and got diagnosed with a spinal tumor. He enlightened me with the interesting things that can be done with a urinary catheter including a BJ. Never a dull moment on Nurses and Hypochondriacs. On my Saturday production, there was a car accident in front of the bar during the show. I also got called out to a 20 something yr old millennial that had a vasovagal ( fainting issue for you lay peeps) and had fallen with a head injury. He passed my mini neuro exam but 911 was called as a precaution due to a fall on concrete and smacking his frontal lobe. The ambulance lights and sirens did add a great effect to the show. A nice PA ( physicians assistant) took over till the ambulance came so I could finish hosting the show. 

You can catch Jett’s crazy antics on IG @karmalaundering and his YouTube special launching March 31, 2017. 

Downtown Denver’s streetart enlightened my creative senses.

And of course I had to have a Bison burger at 5280 Burger Bar while promoting my show. 

And a Denver omelette at brunch with a juice bar and carb aka dessert bar at the Rialto Cafe on 16th street.

Denver seemed to be one big contact high. After all it’s a 420 friendly state. I even attended a marijuana lecture at my conference focused on canabis and seizure disorder in children. The lecturer encouraged all attendees to checkout the clinics on every corner.

Oh yeah there was a crazy anarchy protest in front of my hotel. People in black masks with big sticks and spray painted flags. These people are the ones who will make Trump declare martial law. Really save it for Halloween! 

Denver was great fun! And always remember to wear fun socks if ya gotta wait in long lines at TSA! 

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