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Never Take A Walk In Hollywood During A Full Moon

Friday night while sipping peach grapefruit martinis on top of a penthouse balcony overlooking Hollywood and highland, I pondered what was going on in the populace. What were the stars doing along their terrazzo backgrounds  on Hollywood Blvd?Were they being trampled on by peeping tourists? Were they being admired for their contributions to art? Or were they being interrogated with such questions as: “Who’s that? And why did they get a star?”

Ah Hollywood, and the infamous walk of fame. Something we native Angelinos unfortunately take for granted. My bestie crashed my inquisitions as he spilled his peach grapefruit Martini all over the sparkly Shag rug he designed and announced: “let’s take a walk… and perhaps go dancing!” 

“Walk? In Hollywood? With the tourists? In high heels?”… that was my response. 

But before I had a chance to question the decision any further, I found myself prancing behind my bestie’s long legged strides. 

Through souvenir shops, gawking tourists, and the occasional Hollywood weirdo our journey through the terrazzo stars commenced.

As we walked down Hollywood Blvd we made a left onto La Brea. 

We took in some free smells. 

Said hello to a few crazy girls. 

Pondered getting headshots.

Pondered a tattoo at Kat Von D’s place with her chandelier adorned with red crucified Christs.

My feet were slowly starting to ache as we encountered this interesting biergarten in the middle of la Brea. 

Lorelly’s was a pleasant surprise for my voracious appetite I seemed to have worked up along my Hollywood journey.

Fruh beer, pork liver pate adorned with cornicons, and potatoe pancakes. Oh and there was a skirt steak with some shoe string fries but it was swallowed whole quickly by two famished people on a mission. I highly recommend this place. It’s cozy, and the out door biergarten fun !

As we continued our walk down La Brea, we passed by the Mc Donald’s where we saw a sherif pull out a shot gun on a few men laying on the floor. No it wasn’t a movie scene being filmed, but typical live action Hollywood drama that was followed by 9 police cars. 

We quickly made our way to Santa Monica Blvd to the WeHo trolley stop. My bestie and I were harassed for cigarettes by a couple dudes to which I replied: “they  cause cancer!”

As the trolley pulled up, we quickly jumped on. 

And started to be harassed by a drunken trolley rider. He thought I was filming him while I was taking a selfie of myself. The fun  factor in this journey was only getting better, but then again the moon was full… and it’s Hollywood. Aka hollyweird …to be expected!

The trolley dropped us off in the heart of WeHo and our first stop was the Bayou where apparently Ryan Gossling is the employee of the month and on maternity leave ,who knew? We were served cocktails  tattooed bartenders… impressive.

We then traveled across the street to The Chapel not to get married but to dance the night away! 

The Chapel was full of shirtless Gogo dancers, interesting people and some old friends.

We paid our respects to mother Mary of course! And bought her a drink! 

If you find yourself  in La La land and want to experience Hollywood at its best, take a walk down Hollywood Blvd, a left on La Brea a right on Santa Monica and hop on the trolley. Beware of the full moon nights and it’s best to keep your wits about you and remain street savvy… and wear comfortable shoes! 👠

Cheers… and a Howl @ The Moon!

2 Responses to “Never Take A Walk In Hollywood During A Full Moon”

  1. Byron Valle

    I’ve been in Hollywood Boulevard but I guess that I need to take a walk by night and see everything in a different way


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