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Tete a Tete & Tacos @TrejosTacos

“The shredded beef are the best! The pork and pineapple are also delicious I come here all the time!”

Conversations shared with a handsome stranger OFF the internet @Trejos

A lazy Wednesday found me in the mid city area of La Brea. And I couldn’t resist trying out Trejos Tacos.

Owned by Danny Trejo better known as “Machette” in Desperado and a long list of other films. 

The outdoor area is cozy and communal, which you are forced to talk to your neighbors or just spy on their conversations. Perfect for the endless sunny days in the city of Angeles. 

As I waited for my meal, I sipped on my strawberry lemon Agua Fresca which was sweet enough with a tang. And of course I listened to my communal table neighbors convo about some outrageous wedding in New York that started on a farm and ended in a disco! 

“How do you pick an outfit for that! And what kind of people are those?”

The 2 mom’s sitting next to me @ the communal table @trejos

My food finally came: shredded beef brisket taco and street corn.

It was nice no to get dirty with the street corn since it’s served off the cob. Creamy, salty, with a hint of spice made it nice. The popcorn topping was cute and crunchy.
As I bit into my taco, the handsome stranger who asked to sit across from me, shared his experiences at Trejos which seemed to be his favorite. 

I do agree with him: the beef brisket Tacos were mouthwatering and savory. Juicy enough to use at least 3 napkins. The tortilla chips added a nice crunch. 

The handsome stranger and I talked briefly about tacos, Los Angeles, and names. 

It’s always nice to meet a handsome stranger off the Internet. And Trejos is the perfect place for a tete a tete and Tacos!

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