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Museum Of Broken Relationships: Hollywood 

Broken Relationships: we’ve all been there in some shape or form. Now there’s a museum to store all those shitty memories!

Smack dab in the heart of Hollywood, in the middle of Hollywood and highland, you’ll find this beautifully curated museum of heartbreak!

Tissue is sold at the entrance in case you need some for your journey through articles that were once cherished as symbols of love turned into haunting memories of what could have beens….

The fake breasts were my favorite! This woman’s husband bought them for her and made her wear them during sex… (Que the creepy music). When their relationship ended, she was left with them. 

The pay phone was my 2nd favorite, and the reason I don’t date drug addicts… The gifts could be better….

I use to have a jacket just like this one. It’s life ended poorly one evening after I baptized it with vomit on my 27th birthday. I took it to the cleaners and was too embarrassed to pick it up.

This jacket in the exhibit did not have a happy ending either. Other than the fact it now lives in a museum of heart break, it not only caused a break up but an attempted suicide.

Glad I left mine at the cleaners!

Several interesting items with well crafted stories live in the museum of broken relationships: clothes, toys, letters, porno magazines, um porno mags? Yup! 

Some guy left behind his collection of playboys et al after he broke up with his gfriend. I hope the curator wore gloves. 

The collection of bras was pretty cool…. Although I didn’t see any panties in the display, just some pubic hair in a bottle and some belly button lint. 

Although I didn’t see anything that may have belonged to me that could have caused deep depression, I was looking for a jacket. Not the one I spewed with vomit. The cute army green one with leather black sleeves I bought at a boutique. It was left behind at some guys house. He promised to give it back. 

I was sad not to find it hanging in this artsy museum. It’s probably tramping around at a second hand store, garage sale, or worn by the next gal to have her heart broken! 

As a nurse, I appreciated this one, and yes have actually been a “caretaker” for friends I no longer speak to. I wonder if this guy is still alive? 

The Museum Of Broken Relationships is a must see if you: need a #selfiedate, are broken hearted, or need a place to take your bumble or tinder date.

Be careful, you just might run into something of yours that survived a tragic ending! 

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