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What’s up: It’s #Friday! Formin’s Tavern Toluca Lake

What’s up its #Friday! And what do you do when you get locked out of a storytelling show? Head down the street to Formin’s Tavern in Toluca Lake where everyone’s name is “Tony,” not exactly “T-Bone.” 

The pineapple spicey margarita: jalapeño infused Frida Khalo blanco tequila, il silencio mescal, pineapple agave, lime chile, and rimmed with chile con limon is a must! Even though “whiskey” is on the main stage!

The bartenders and staff are amazingly friendly. Especially Kenly. We chatted about Toluca Lake, and of course Formin’s tavern: opened in August 2016, first for dinner and drinks, and now lunch/ happy hour.

Yummy steak frites paired with arugula with a side of… Are you ready for it… Gravy! 

And only in Toluca Lake can you sit next to a fellow show producer and swap producing stories. He: a famous comedy show. Me: Nurses and Hypochondriacs storytelling, almost famous. We had the same drama, different venues. 

The night was going well till a bunch of women who were bragging on Zack Effron and his stunning beauty, decided to take selfies while practically sitting on my lap and flipping their hair unconsciously in my face. But hey… Im a hair flipper too, and we all need millions of #selfies thanks to KK ( Kim Khardashian). 

Formin’s Taverin is a definite  try if you are in Toluca Lake on Riverside drive, aka Mylie Cyrus’s hood ! 

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