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#SelfieSunday: #SelfLove it’s important! 

The past week was tumultuous. Equivalent to a hurricane that enabled destruction that needed to happen. 

Producing a storytelling show, coaching storytellers pro bono, and fundraising is not an easy task. Especially when you are doing it all on your own. 

However, certain people don’t realize that. And the moment I showed a glimpse of my vulnerable soul, I got pounced on. 

I was told I had poor production skills. I was told to ask for help. I was told people didn’t get a chance to buy raffle tickets! 

All by people who have never produced a storytelling show before. I have produced eight in one year. What I have learned is this: you can’t always control what happens on stage, yes getting the “right” people to help w/ excellent work ethic ( and who don’t spend the entire time texting) can make or break you, and coaching people for free devalues my expertise. 

Blame it on Mercury retrograde, being overwhelmed and making poor choices. This is the life of an entrepreanuer and this is how you learn, from making mistakes. 

In order to regroup and process the previous week, I made Sunday into a #SelfieSunday and focused on #Selflove.

It’s important to love yourself before you can love anyone. If you don’t know or like yourself, how can you expect others to do that for you?

That’s why I love my #Selfiedates! It’s all about me.

I started my day with a sensory walk on the Chandler Bike path in Burbank. The blooming Jacaranda trees with their periwinkle flowers pop and seem to be three dimensional against the gray overcast sky. Traffic on side streets swishes by, against the sound of babies crying in bicycle carriages. 

There’s a section of the path where jasmine, and rosemary meet. I live to run my hands through the plants releasing their fragrant healing scents.

During my four mile walk I start to dance to some Bowie,which helps to release the stagnant energy in my hips. I raise my arms and take deep breaths. A female runner runs by me and says: I want to dance too! She stops and we dance a bit and we laugh. She takes off and I end my four mile journey.

I head over to Studio City. The farmers market is shutting down. I pass the flower vendor and spot beautiful sunflowers. “Three dollars” was the amount that entered my head. I asked the vendor the price of the flowers and she said: ” Three dollars.” 

I head over to ” Joan’s on Third.” The turkey meat loaf on a French role paired with a mimosa completes my Sunday. Chit chat with the cashier and explain to her how all situations are temporary and can be changed in an instant. After all, life is temporary. 

It’s important to spend time with yourself. Anyone who cant’t I would be afraid of.Only when you spend time with yourself can you really do what you want without a anyones opinions bombarding you. It’s just you, and you are free to be whoever and whatever you want to be! Only your opinions matter! 


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