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Tacos In The Hood: Cathedral City

Tacos, Tacos, Tacos in the hood!

For the past week and a half, I’ve been hiding out in the desert.

Last Saturday, I was invited to have cocktails at the home of an artist in the Artist community of the Cathedral Cove. A friend brought over some tacos from the hood. They paired well with the margaritas made with fresh local organic citrus that we were drinking.

This Saturday, I happen to be in the Cathedral hood again and I found Jalito and his tacos.



You can find him grilling his tacos and bacon wrapped hot dogs on Saturday nights in from of the “First Southern Baptist Church” in Cath City.

Specialties are: chicken tacos, al pastor, and grilled beef…..let’s not forget the hot dog wrapped bacon!


I love the tacos and tried all three. Halitosis offers two different type of salsas a bit spicey: red and tomatillo green. My favorite is the cucumber and radish slaw that gave the tacos an extra satisfying crunch.




Definitely a must try if you are in the Cathedral City hood!

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