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Three Fun First Dates That Are Field Trip Worthy In Los Angeles!


After several weeks of texting my latest Tinder dude, I finally made the move and asked him out on a date! He then texted back “Let’s go to the movies!”


The Movies are one of the worst places to go out on a first date! And it was obvious that this guy never goes on dates! Of course I interjected and picked “Dukes” in Malibu (He lived in Malibu, and it’s one of my top ten favorite places!) Sitting in the bar area and watching the waves crash on the rocks can make any boring conversation a bit more interesting!


I have a knack for picking the best places to eat and hang out. My co-workers always assign me the task. My secret to picking the best place is usually asking what type of food they want to eat, and if they’d like to go out on a “Field Trip?”


They usually like the field trip idea! Who doesn’t? I always loved it when we went on field trips in school! It was a chance to get away, hop on a bus, and see something other than the crucifix hanging over the chalk board in Mrs. Prono’s second grade classroom!


And the best field trip ever was going to the Forrest Lawn Cemetary and sitting in the hall of the crucifixion. I remember being terrified listening to what I thought was the “voice of God” narrate the life of Christ while a light with an arrow flashed on a ginormous painting! For years I thought God lived in the hall of crucifixation at Forrest Lawn!”


First dates can be nerve wracking! The best first dates I’ve ever had were hiking, playing tennis, salsa dancing, third row seats at the Clipper’s game, or anything on the beach! Being active on a first date is also key to making a lasting connection!



But if you are confused as to where to go or what do on a first date, here are three obscure places in Los Angeles …. that will remind you of your field trip days!


  1. China Town


I love China Town! And exploring all the little stores with crazy trinkets and wafting incense. You can stroll by the art galleries, stop by the wishing well and make a wish, and catch some Dim Sum at Ocean Sea Foo




  1. San Pedro Fish Market



Love, Love this place! I took a co-worker here on a field trip and she couldn’t stop talking about how much fun we were having! If your date loves seafood it’s sure to be a hit! Tour the fish aisle and make sure you pick a fish with a clear eye… the glassy ones tend to not be so fresh. Check out the crab and lobster tanks, pick your crustacean and have them cook it up for you! Then grab a beverage hand out on the waterfront (while your food is being cooked) and watch the colorful freight boats be tugged out of the port! And this is a romantic spot indeed. For twenty dollars, you can have one of the many mariachis serenade the two of you while you eat up your crustaceans and watch the boats go by, or you can be cheap and wait for someone else to pick a song. Be aware that this place is incredbly packed with families on the weekend! It’s best to go on a weekday or Friday early evening! The oysters on the half shell are an amazing aphrodisiac to add that special magic to the date!





  1. Olvera Street


Again just like a field trip! Tour the many little shops, buy some hand made flowers, play with the Mexican jumping beans, and check out the latest artist in residence. There are many great restauraunts to choose from, I don’t have a particular favorite at the moment! But after a great meal and margarita I always have to add the sweet touch to my date and get a churro! Oh yes… you can get a Mariachi band to serenade you as well!



See there are many interesting places to go out on a date…. Leave the movies for date number one hundred when you start getting bored with each other! Or if you don’t have a date, you can always take yourself on a first date #Selfie Field trip!

Have a great adventure!


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