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The Dark Side Of Being Single: First Date Blahs: Three Signs That Are A Go, Or a No?


On a recent perfect Sunday afternoon, during one of my fabulous Los Angeles brunches with my gal pal Sarah, I noticed an interesting phenomena happening. Several couples were congregating at the bar. They all seemed shy and from eaves dropping on their conversations, were on first dates!


First Dates: awkward, nerve racking and cause the worst gastro esophageal reflux issues! Meeting a total stranger for the first time is nerve racking indeed. Nowadays, thanks to the Internet, the first date is usually where you meet that special person that you swiped right for, for the first time.


A few years ago, my cousin Cesi was visiting from Italy. Her most favorite thing to do in Los Angeles was to hang out at a bar on Sunday afternoons and people watch. At the time, she was a psychology major at the time. She pointed out that many couples at the bar were on their first dates. Body language was one the key factors she used to decipher if the couples were in fact getting along. It was fun watching who was into who, and of course who was bored and turned off.


During our Sunday Brunch, Sarah and I noticed a young couple. The male was from Spain, he talked too much and tried to name drop Spanish celebrities. The girl stared deeply into his eyes and just seemed to listen. Occasional, he would lay a hand on her thigh and look deeply into her eyes.


Later, Sarah had a chance to talk to the couple: yes, they were on their first date, they met on Saturday in Santa Monica, and they were both into each other. As we left, we noticed that they moved to the lounge area of the restaurant and started to get a bit physical!


How do you know if your first date is a Go?


  1. That special feeling: Intuition is key. You usually know with in the first five minutes of meeting someone if you like him or her or not? What is your gut telling you? Me Likey? Or me should run away?
  2. Eye contact: After all they say that the eyes are the windows to the soul. Are you able to look deeply into your first date’s eyes?
  3. Body Language: Are you sitting close or far apart? Are you playfully touching each other?


These are all signs of a connection! It’s true, sometimes one person can be nervous, and it may take at least two more dates to know if you are really connecting with that special someone, or not! Happy dating, and remember, always trust your gut!



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