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The Dark Side Of Being Single: Tinder Lies… Five Clues To Unmask That Lying Dude Or Dudette!



Oh yes! I’m on Tinder! I’ve joined the mass of Los Angeles Zombies in the search to find a mate. I must say, I kind of like it! Swipe right for yes, and left for NO! Or is it left for YES and right for NO?


I started noticing that many of the men on the site have aged poorly! This is where my Nurse Practitioner Assessment skills kicked in! It’s better than “Spidey Sense,” and I am a pretty good judge of age. After all I even taught a physical assessment class which covered all ages in the lifespan of a human being! I’m an expert on this stuff!


I couldn’t understand why so many of these men on Tinder and other dating sites were aging badly. For example, one gentleman posted that his age was 35 and clearly he looked like he was pushing 60! This observation drove me a little nuts! I mean, what is going on with these men and why are they aging poorly? Was it the water, the sun, lack of moisturizer, the chem trails, the smog, or just stress and lack of sex?


Well, in the science world, in order to find out the answers to the questions you gotta do the research and sometimes even create an experiment. And that’s what I did, created an experiment, or shall I say, the experiment asked me out on a date!


My experiment participant i.e. “date” for the evening had stated on his profile that he was “44” but kept saying he felt “18.” He didn’t look 44 but did act “18.” And he could not text! At the end of the evening I had to find out the answer to my hypothesis: “Was this guy lying about his age? Or did he indeed just come from a bad gene pool?” The answer: “Yes!” He stated his real age was “51!” That was stretching it indeed! I mean I was never that good in math, but that’s a seven year age difference!


Below are 5 clues on how to figure out if a guy is lying about his age or anything else for that matter on Tinder:


  1. Inconsistent pictures: Basically, everyone and their mother owns a smart phone these days, and therefore can take a picture. If you see several different pictures of the person at different stages of their life then swipe “NO!” This person is insecure about what they look like, and their age, hence they will be a lot of drama for you! Don’t do it!


  1. The person will not give you their real number and only will give you a “Google” number”! Really? Do I need to elaborate? This person is MARRIED! Unless you want to create your own Sunday night made for TV drama, don’t do it!


  1. They give you a sad story about how their ex spouse was mean to them for twenty years: Remember there are two sides to every story.


  1. They have no time for you because of: work, school, kids, football. Well, then you should not be dating anyone! This person is selfish and a bit of a narcissist. They will call you only when they have time.And they really only want one thing!


  1. They speak very little English and the only word they know is “Drink, Drink?” Clearly this person is a poor conversationalist, and it seems like that person may have other ideas of what they really want.


  1. I know I added a “6!” In the end always trust your gut, if you think the person you are talking to is lying, then they probably are!



Good Luck To all my Notoriouslysingle Girls and Guys out there! May the dating force be with you all…. As for me, I’ll be on a dating hiatus for a bit!


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