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Boutique Coffee: Nespresso Boutique BeverlyHills


Tuesday afternoon, day three of my Xmas staycation. What to do in Los Angeles? Decisions, Decisions? And the Nespresso Boutique came to mind!



Versace has a boutique, Louis Vuitton has a boutique so why not a coffee boutique and perfect for the elegant and sleek Nespresso Machine!


It’s open space and modern design compliments North Beverly drive in the city of Beverly Hills.



Shopping for a Nespresso Coffee maker was both fun and informative! The machines leaves a beautiful foam on the top of a dark rich espresso … And who doesn’t love foam on their coffee?


After brief tutorial and of course a free sample, my friend and I decided to sit and have a light lunch and yes, more Nespresso with lots of foam!




The dessert case also looked enticing, but I decided to leave that for my next trip!


Next to time you are shopping for some Christian Lou Bouttons in Beverly Hills and need a caffeine pick me up to continue shopping on Rodeo Drive… Stop by the Nespresso Boutique Bar and enjoy the foam!

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