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5 Thing To Do To Keep Your Extensions Looking Good

This is a great article by Mathew Ray Salon in Burbank!

I love them and have been getting my hair done there for the past 3 years!!


Extensions are the big rage right now.  Clients looking to extend the length of their hair, get through that awkward grow out period or even just to add more bulk to their styles are jumping in on the craze. Here are some of the tips we share with our clients to make sure they keep their extensions looking great between visits.
1. Buy good quality hair. We are currently using 808 or 909 Keratip extensions.
2. Use the right shampoo for your hair texture.
3. Keep oils and silicons off the bond.
4. Brush your hair every day between the bond for no tangles. We LOVE our friend Brent’s brush!
5. Before bed do a simple braid to make sure that your hair stays tangle free.
On James’ client above he first colored her hair then used three different colors of extensions by alternating a dark blonde, warm blonde and bright blonde to add length for his client while she grows out her natural hair.

2 Responses to “5 Thing To Do To Keep Your Extensions Looking Good”

  1. chictrendzsetter

    Hey love your hair you are rocking it! I have extensions in now and I love them! Check out they are great! Tell them Jahnetta referred you.


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