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Only Real Men Wear Heels

A Real Man! A Real Man!

About a month ago, I ventured into WEHO to have brunch with my bestie of the last 25 years, Dennis. I chose Salt’s Cure, which attracts so many hipsters it makes you feel like you are in Silver Lake. Nonetheless, we enjoyed the food and all the pretty people that came with the place.

“Want to go to a Red Dress Party?” Dennis mentions while finishing off his home cured ham and egg sandwich masterpiece.

“I’m wearing black!” I interjected.

“Don’t worry, no one will be looking at you!” he stated followed by a wicked laugh.

Dressed in black with my golden ballerina slippers purchased at The Gap, Dennis and I strolled into a WEHO bar.  No he wasn’t wearing a red dress, but every other man in the place was, along with red heels.

p://”> Golden Ballerina flats from The Gap

[/caption]Everywhere I turned I saw a carnival of red. There were pretty men, ugly men, fat men, skinny men, men with big hair, men with big boobs and men that had legs a single gal like me would kill for… all wearing red dresses and amazing red heels.



What fun it was to see them all complaining: “My bra is too tight!” “This dress makes me look fat!” “I got it at a thrift store for $8.00” and my favorite: “My feet are killing me in these shoes, how do women do it?”


Yes, that is why on a Sunday, I chose to wear my cute but comfy golden ballerina slippers. I’ve spent a little more than half my life in heels. And Dennis even bought me a pair of white stilettos from Kinney shoes way back in 1990 that I wore for his prom. They were at least 5 inches high, and I could barely walk in them. I remember my mother asking why they were so high, and Dennis stated “She needs to be tall so I don’t have to bend down to kiss her!” I think we left before my mother reached into her closet for her broom.

Beauty always comes with a price, and why do the most gorgeous shoes cause the most pain?






IMG_2141IMG_2143IMG_2137IMG_2126Well, it was all for a good cause, you see the Red Dress Party was a fundraiser for the Los Angeles Youth Network: Hope and Homes for Runaway Teens. It was entertaining to see such gigantic feet in the most pretty and peculiar heels.

IMG_2125”> Me with all the Fab men in Red

[/caption]There is never a dull moment when I am with my bestie Dennis, and it’s always a great adventure prancing around WEHO. Of course this time it was for a great cause!

My bestie Dennis and I @ another function. My bestie Dennis and I @ another function.

4 Responses to “Only Real Men Wear Heels”

  1. ivanev

    Hi there,
    I am guy and I hope you don’ t mind but I wear ballernas slippers as my everyday shoes as I find them so comfortable and practical , really easy to slip on/off and matche great with any outfit that I won’t back to any heavy ugly close men shoes. I tried heels but they hurt my feet and lower back and people remarked me more sometimes with not really good comments, you know . Great that thses guys disguise in ladies clothes and heels for a good cause ! By the way I am not either gay or cross dresser just only a guy that prefers more beautiful and comfortable shoes and loves to break the rules in fashion and gender imposed rules. Cheers


  2. histiletto

    How come society has an attitude of shaming or making individuals, specifically males feel they should be ashamed for attiring with the non-stereotypical items, they want to include in their choices to wear as personality expressions? I mean – isn’t this why people who actually control the how and what of their dressing, seek to coordinate their wardrobe selections. The idea that men and women don’t or can’t wear the same things has long since been debunked for women have their own line of menswear and you are very aware of what men have been wearing, to use the shameful terms: “dragging” and “cross dressing” only describes a small percentage of men’s venture into wearing items marked as women’s.


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