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#TacoTuesday @The Pink Cabana #30DaysofLOVE❤️

The people who love to eat are always good people .

Julia Child

Open Say’s Me ❤️

I love a taco Tuesday! And go figure intuitively I picked The Pink Cabana in Palm Desert to have my first lunch since outdoor dining started up again! And go figure they had tacos on the menu!

Tacos at The Pink Cabana

I really ❤️love this place … I’ve been once before. It’s glam. It’s old Hollywood. And I thought Frank Sinatra had some type of history here. I thought the Pink Cabana was built in the 1950’s. I thought wrong!

The wait staff is fabulous and will give you the 411 on the history of the place. The Sands hotel was once a timeshare in the 1950s. It opened its doors as a boutique hotel a couple of years ago. The Pink Cabana restaurant was once a shuffle board court. It’s been built from the ground up with vintage Hollywood glam tile designed by Martin Lawrence Bullard.

I once bumped into “Martyn” at the Colony Palms hotel. He was lounging on a chaise with his posse. I was a huge fan of “Million Dollar Decorators” at the time. I think I said hello and he responded with “Well hello darling!” I really don’t remember it was so long ago but it sounds good so I’ll just go with it!! 😜

The Colony Palms use to be my “Notoriouslysinglegirl” hang until I was told I had to be a hotel guest and I was no longer welcomed to sit by the pool, drink overpriced cocktails, and real my Forbes Millionaire magazine. Pish posh as they say on Jupiter, there are many other poolside hangs too explore in the desert !

Speaking of cocktails… I really loved the mimosa with a sprig of rosemary the Pink Cabana had to offer! Yummy indeed!

Paired well with the chicken tacos and guac / harissa toppings!

Oh and of course we ordered charcuterie because … yes it’s true I got my friend “Gary” addicted to it!

Naan bread with super yummy yogurt
Definitely order the key lime pie for dessert
The view is awesome!

The Pink Cabana is a must if you are in the desert with your lady friends, paramour, or boy toy! It’s time to celebrate outdoor dining and of course the month of ❤️!

Cheers! 💋

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