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2021 Dating Forecast: Will You Find Love ❤️ In The New Year?

We Are Most Alive When We Are In Love

-John Updike

How was your dating Sunday? Mine was meh? What can I say… digital dating or “slow dating” is not my thing anymore.

Dating experts are predicting 2021 to be the year you will find L O V E!

Has the pandemic made you incredibly lonely? Are you tired of making bread by yourself and you are finally ready to find that “someone” special to share that piece of toast?

As I’ve written before, we human beings thrive when we are in a “healthy” relationship. My definition of a healthy relationship is when 2 people come together and understand their emotional triggers. They are self aware and conscious of their behavior. Nobody is perfect. But being self aware of your own shot is key to a healthy loving relationship.

Oh and of course you have to LOVE yourself before you can love anyone else!

So, who are the experts that are projecting 2021 to be the year you find LOVE? They are the same ones who destroyed dating. The app creators from Bumble and Tinder. Since the pandemic, they’ve reported huge growth in the app dating world!

Of course, how can you meet and connect with someone wearing a mask at the grocery store?

What has your dating life been like since the pandemic? Would love to hear your stories! ❤️

Happy Dating In 2021❤️

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