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Love ❤️ In The Time Of Corona Covid-19

@Tvboy Amore nel tempe Corona Covid-19

There’s nothing like a global pandemic to create a sense of romance.

Forget about Los Angeles leading the nation in STD’s, Syphilis taking front stage in California’s Central Valley, and Flue pocalypse is getting second billing this year!

The “Corona Virus” it’s all the rage!! COvid-19 is sweeping the world shutting down nations like China and Italy.

Electronics, tourism and literally every Tchotchke known to man is on hold!

No it’s not caused by Corona beer … and yes they have reported a decrease in sales!

Yes… it’s true… I date a lot of Hypochondriacs! They are attracted to me like flies to shit!

But now it’s seems like the whole world is turning into Hypochondriacs… very much like zombies in a zombie apocalypse!

Well what can we do but follow street artist @tvboy and create art!

I’m a huge fan of street art and I’m loving this piece found on the streets in Milan Italy depicting the current mass hysteria sweeping the world!

As if dating isn’t hard enough… we add mass pandemonium to the mix!

Maybe…just maybe it will have people take a pause and think of what truly is important in life.

Maybe the dating game will change?

Till then wash your hands with good ol soap and water….and wear a condom!!

For more information on the Corona Virus checkout Nurses and Hypochondriacs podcast ep 57 Corona Virus: Should We Be Afraid?

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