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Indian Wedding In Los Angeles 

Have you always wanted to attend an Indian Wedding ? What? You have no Indian friend’s that are getting married? Or just no Indian friends?  No problem if you live in Los Angeles! 

Well, run to the nearest “sari” shop and don’t be “sorry” because you can now attend: Indian Wedding  in Los Angeles! 

Hosted by sisters “Pinky” and “Bubbly” ( Amrita Dhaliwal) (Sunanda Sachatrakul). 

More than just a Wedding, but a variety show which includes comedians, storytellers , dancers and music! This was an extra special event since “Diwali,” the largest festival  in India of the year, celebrating the new year, light and prosperity was also a part of the festivities!

The wedding took place at Nairi Banquet Hall in “Bollywood” … um Hollywood! Bubbly and Pinky dresses in stunning elaborate sari’s greet you at the door and shove some “sweet” in your mouth! 

Oh … and there’s food… delicious mouthwatering Indian food! And let’s not forget the cocktails… 

The comedic “sisters” open up the show with fun and funny antics:

There’s Bollywood dancers.

A toast from the Father of the groom.

A toast from the brides “tacky dressing” cousin.

A variety of storytellers and comedians joined in the wedding as well as the drunken cousin going to med school!

The band was pretty cool as well: Doctors and Engineers

The wedding has a dramatic ending not to be missed…and of course the